Can TurboFTP strip the file extension (e.g. PGP) on the fly while I am scheduling a download FTP task?

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Created On: 08 Feb 2012 03:36 AM

Answer Yes. To achieve this following the steps below (assuming you want to strip the PGP extension from source file):

1. Set up an Auto Rename entry for download under [Options | Auto Rename], and enable 'Case-insensitive' option if you are ignoring case when finding file name matches:

.pgp -> (empty)

2. Enable [Site Settings | Files | Auto Rename on download] in the remote server profile. Sync Service will strip the .pgp extension from source file when download it from remote server.

Similarly you can set up Auto Rename for upload as well. If [Site Settings | Files | Rename after transfer is complete] is enabled, the rename will be done explicitly after the file is transferred (if downloaded, rename will be done locally; if otherwise uploaded, a rename command will be issued to the remote server).

Apparently the above configuration is not limited to the purpose of stripping file extension. It can be also used for any file ending replacement.