How to back up the program configuration files (scheduled tasks, address book, etc) and restore them (e.g. when migrating the program to another machine)?

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Created On: 05 Aug 2012 12:43 PM

Answer Please back up everything under [Options | General | Program data path].

The following explains each of these files:
1. turboftp.ini global settings.
2. schedule.dat stores the schedule tasks information.
3. addrbk.dat stores the address book information.
4. cred.dat stores the creditials info for accessing network share.

After installing a new copy of TurboFTP:

1. Launch it once and set the same 'Program data path' under [Options | General]. Exit the program.
2. Copy the backup files into the 'Program data path', replacing any files with the same name.
3. Restart the program.