After enabling UTF-8 in TurboFTP it still can't show file/dir names in foreign characters correctly

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Created On: 10 Sep 2017 05:14 PM

Answer UTF-8 support in TurboFTP complies with RFC 2640. Some FTP servers require a command 'OPTS UTF8' to enable UTF-8 mode explicitly, but there is no RFC standard defining such practice. Some even require the client to send CLNT and OPTS UTF8 ON to enable it otherwise it is blind to any UTF-8 coding. TurboFTP doesn't support such practices as they are not standard compliant. According to RFC 2640, an FTP server should recognize UTF-8 automatically if claims to support it in reply of FEAT command.

To get around the problem you can send custom post-login commands with TurboFTP. For example put in the following commands in *two lines* under Site Settings -> Connect tab:


And set the Charset option under the same tab to either 'Use UTF-8 if available' or 'Force UTF-8'.