I just want to have a directory structure of files where I issue one command and the FTP uploads new or updated files (based on file size or date since last transfer) and also deleted files that are no longer needed.

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Created On: 30 Sep 2005 03:33 AM

Answer The current version of turboftp does well support this. To enable this feature, please go to [Options | Advanced Con't] and select "Only upload newer files". Then connect to your server, drag your directory structure to transfer queue or the correspondent remote directory, and start the transfer. The comparison between local and remote files is based on the file time only. Older or identical local files will be skipped during the transfer and will be kept in the transfer queue for your information (If you have enabled "Retain skipped items in queue" in Options).

To ensure correct file time comparison, make sure the ftp server is located in the same time zone as your computer. Or you can adjust the "Server Time Offset" in the Advanced Site Settings of the ftp site's profile. You can verify this by checking the date/time of newly uploaded file that shows up in the remote browser pane.

The "Only upload newer file" feature can be enabled for individual site in stead of in the global settings as mentioned above (in the address book, Advanced Site Settings | Files).

Advanced synchronization feature has been included in the Folder Synchronizer.