19 Feb 2018 
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 How can I transfer the program to new PC?
 You can copy the address book to the new machine to replace the default file. The address book path is specified in the Options | General tab. You should copy these files: Schedule settings file sched.dat, Quick Connection history file quick.dat, SSL/TLS
 How can I do a silent install of TurboFTP?
 To install the program silently run the installer with /S on the command line. To disable the launch prompt at the end of the installation add to command line: /LAUNCH=NO To install for all users on the system, add to command line: (by default it w
 When I install TurboFTP over the existing old version I get error message "Error opening file for writing 'sftpdll.dll'".
 Make sure you have closed TurboFTP application and stopped TurboFTP Sync Service before running the installer.
 After installing the latest version 5.3 the program told me that my address book needed to be converted. But the conversion process simply replaced my address book with the default address book.
 Go to [Options | General], check the option [Store program settings in turboftp.ini] is selected and then go to option [Address Book path], click on the browse button on the right side you will see on top the TurboFTP install directory, select it as the a
 I received 'The specified service has been marked for deletion' error message when installing TurboFTP
 When you install TurboFTP (or upgrade) make sure you have closed Services applet, which might keep holding resource within TurboFTP Sync Service module (tftpsvc.exe). Ultimately, if you still see this error, reboot the system and run the installer again.
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