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 How to transfer a folder in a session task?
Solution To download a remote folder in a session task place an entry in the tbx file associated with the session task like the following example:

C:\downloaddir 0 <- /remote/folder2download myhost:21 D

The 'D' denotes a folder entry. When the task is executed, a subfolder 'folder2download' will be created in 'C:\downloaddir' and the remote folder '/remote/folder2download' will be populated and all its files and subfolders will be downloaded to 'C:\downloaddir\folder2download'. Likewise, to upload a local folder:

C:\uploaddir 0 -> /remote/upload myhost:21 D

The whole folder 'C:\uploaddir' will be uploaded to '/remote/upload'.

Note that a '->' or '<-' must be used for a recursive folder download or upload. If '>>' or '<<' is used instead, only the folder will be created at destination and no contents will be transferred.

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