TurboFTP V 4.80 Build 465 Released

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TurboFTP V 4.80 Build 465 Released

Postby admin » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:13 am

[+] Rewrote Folder Synchronizer engine and significantly improve performance when comparing directories containing a large number of files.
[+] Refresh button in Folder Synchronizer now always enabled.
[+] When sync'ing directories with Folder Synchronizer excluded subdirs that are filtered out will not be scanned (to improve performance and avoid entering subdirs that you don't have
access right to).
[+] Added options "Clear listing data transfer" and "Clear file data transfer" options under Site Settings | Security.
[+] Send notification email to different recipients for different schedule task.
[+] Sync Service can now resume interrupted transfer at byte level. i.e. Pick up where it left off at point of interruption.
[+] Sync Service removes empty source directory if user enable "Delete uploaded files" or "Delete downloaded files" options.
[+] Ignore filename case has no effect in Sync Service.

[-] Sync Service scheme "Transfer files added or updated since last sync" doesn't work properly.
[-] GUI program Loads tbx file entries in reversed order.
[-] GUI program doesn't load dropped tbx file when disconnected, although it can be loaded using menu command.
[-] OpenVMS rename/deleted file problem.
[-] Problem running program without parameters before and after task.
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