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Problems with the commandline

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:34 pm
by Ballos

I'm testing the actual version of TurboFTP. For my transfers I want to start the transfer from the commandline. So I tried it and the basics work. But there are some problems I cant solve.

I got alle my sites in the address book. But when I took the sitename in the commandline Turboftp cant solve the ip or it get an wrong ip.

Sitename: test

commandline: turboftp -u "c:\test\*.txt" "ftp://test/"

with this line it dont took the right ip address or I get the message that he cant resolve the ip

I got one site with two logins. every login get to another directory where I want to download or upload files. How can I took the right user for the site, when I cant create sitnames ?

When I upload a file from the commandline I get no emailnotification.

commandline1: turboftp -rm -u "c:\test\*.txt" ""
commandline2: turboftp "c:\test\*.txt" "" -rm
commandline3: turboftp -rm "" -u "c:\test\*.txt" ""
commandline4: turboftp "c:\test\*.txt" "" -rm ""

With no one I get an email.

Later the sites I want to connect are sftp sites with ssh-keys. I hope if he took the right site from the addressbook he will took the right informations stored in the book.

I glad about every help



Re: Problems with the commandline

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:43 pm
by admin
for the commandline: turboftp -u "c:\test\*.txt" "ftp://test/"

what do you mean by 'it dont took the right ip address'? Can you post the ftp log?