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Filter Include/Exclude within folder

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:28 pm
by drn615

I am trying to apply a filter to files that are within a folder that is automatically generated...the filter that I've created seems to prevent anything from being transferred.

More specifically, I created a scheduled task to upload any new files that are generated in a folder called C:\Aloha\BootDRV. The system generates a new folder every day that is in the format YYYYMMDD (ex. 20160420) which contains a number of .DBF file types. I want to transfer only the file named GNDITEM.DBF, however when I put this into the "Include" filter nothing is transferred.

I have also tested this using text files within a subfolder and nothing is transferred (i.e. test/testfile.txt with the filters *.txt or */*.txt). I am thinking I'm doing something wrong WRT to the filter format but couldn't find much documentation.

How do I include/exclude certain files within a transferred folder? Thanks.