TurboFTP Extremely Slow Speeds Compared to FileZilla!

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TurboFTP Extremely Slow Speeds Compared to FileZilla!

Postby mytempuser » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:42 pm

I justin opened case: JGR-968544. This is also the same issue I opened case NXM-440545 back in October 2015 for which you guys were of little help.

When I use TurboFTP, I see speeds are extremely slow compared to FileZilla for downloads. I'm downloading a file at 15MBps using fileszilla and the same file only gets around 300kbps max using TurboFTP with all the default settings. This is downloading from the same exact machine from the same exact website. I included a video in the support case.

Why is TurboFTP so slow!
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