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Edit Remote Bookmarks

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 12:19 am
by pschon
My remote (and local) bookmark listings ARE A MESS.

I suggest you have a folder called bookmarks



And leave them as plain text. I can edit them in my text editor. I don't need a GUI to do the editing/ordering ... just give me access to them.

That would be nice ... and note I added my idea of having the local bookmarks linked to remote site

I don't need all this automatic and throttling etc stuff that you have in your GUI ... I've never imagined how I could use it ... I've got sftp and rsync and scp etc. for batch moving of files.

What no one has created is a good bookmark system in ftp or even in a directory manager but yours is closest in the ftp market. The change I suggest should not be too hard. Of course.