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Sync service Running duration

Postby chinteongtan » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:54 pm

I'm looking for a FTP software to schedule task to sychronize local folder with remote folder and TurboSoft sync service seems fit my needs.

(1) Sometime the files in the local folder are too big and can't finish synch before the "next run time" reaches. I understand from the other post that the service will be restarted when "next run time" arrived. So what does it mean by restart?

If it upload 70% of a file and "next run time" arrived, will the restart will continue update the remaining 30% or delete the 70% and start from 0% again?

(2) Besides repeating the task every day, i want to ensure that the task stops within 5 hours, regardless of whether it has finished sync, is that possible? How do i stop the NT Service without going thru the TurboSoft FTP Client? Can i do use a VB to kill the task? How?

(3) Can i add the the Sync service dynamically without using the TurboFTP client?

Please let me know if the software can meet my criteria above, if not i nee to look for other FTP client as an alternative. Thanks.
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Postby admin » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:47 pm


When the task is still transferring files it won't be stopped even the next run is due.

To stop the Sync Service you can use command
net stop "TurboFTP Sync Service"

The Sync Service module can be run as command line program and support a series of command line options. Please refer to documentation for details.

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