What is Anyzip and how should it be used?

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Created On: 30 Sep 2005 03:33 AM

Answer Anyzip is a Windows-based application which can be used to create and view archive files and extract files from them. It has a user-friendly interface and the functions in the system can be operated either using the Anyzip keyboard shortcuts (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/keyboard.html) or its menu options ( http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/menus.html ).

Instructions for installing Anyzip on your computer can be found in the Installation Instructions section (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/install.html )of this Help Documentation.

To get an overview of the main Anyzip interface (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/overview.html) , you can navigate to the Anyzip Main Interface section of this documentation.

Some of the regularly used features of Anyzip are explained in the Anyzip Quick Tutorial section (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/tutorial.html) of the documentation. Anyzip also has a Wizard option (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/wizard.html) which allows you to use the common features of Anyzip through a series of friendly steps.

In addition to these features Anyzip can also be integrated with the Windows Explorer as explained in the Explorer Integration Options (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/expintoptions.html) of this documentation.