23 May 2024 
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 How can I upgrade the software?
 You can log into customer center to view your license information, download the latest version your license eligible to and upgrade (to purchase upgrade click on 'Upgrade link'): https://secure.tbsoftinc.com/customer If you don't have your login jus
 How can I download the recent version?
 To download the latest version from our website. Please go to http://www.turboftp.com/download.php
 How can I get the key code if I have lost it?
 If your license is eligible to upgrade to the latest version then you can retrieve the key code at the following page http://www.turboftp.com/lostkey.html Otherwise an upgrade fee is required http://www.turboftp.com/upgrade.php If you don't want
 I entered the key and the username but get "registration failed" message.
 Make sure you are entering the key and username correctly. It is recommended you copy past the key and username to avoid typing error. Make sure to remove spaces, if any, at the time of copying the code,when you copy paste. If the key and username are
 I found a bug or I have a suggestion, where should I report?
 For bug report please use our online bug report form. http://www.turboftp.com/bugreport.html
 I reinstalled the program recently, but it went back to evaluation mode.
 Your TurboFTP license is perpetual and you can use any version covered by its Upgrade Protection period indefinitely. If you upgrade to a version of TurboFTP and its release date falls out of the Upgrade Protection period of your license, the program will
 I purchased the license for TurboFTP without the Sync Service Module, I now realize I would like to synchronize some directories via FTP, can I purchase an upgrade to use the Sync Service Module without having to repurchase the entire software set?
 Yes you can go to http://www.turboftp.com/upgrade.php to purchase the upgrade. Note that if your orignal license came with Life Time Upgrade you need to purchase an upgrade to include Sync Service with Life Time Upgrade Protection too.
 My ticket is automatically closed after a day or two, but my problem is not solved yet.
 After a reply is posted to you the ticket will automatically closed if a reply from you is not received in 48 hours. To open the ticket again, just reply to that ticket.
 How do I get premium technical support of the products?
 Paid premium support for all products is available for purchase at: http://www.tbsoftinc.com/purchase/premium-support.htm
 I lost my license key information. How do I retrieve it again?
 Log into our customer center: https://secure.tbsoftinc.com/customer where you can see records including corresponding license key of your orders. Each customer who has ordered any of our products has an account in our customer center, with the e-
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