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 I am getting "Address Book cannot be opened" error.
 Please check [Options | General] to verify that the address book path does point to the location of the address book file.
 When I upload files hang at 99%.
 After the finishing the upload TurboFTP will expect a confirmation from the server side before continue to process the next command. However if the server fails to response after completion of the upload (normally there should be a 220 transfer complete r
 Why I am getting the connection problem?
 If you are accessing internet through a firewall you need configure the firewall to allow Turboftp to access internet. This is the most likely cause.
 How does the scheduler look up login information?
 You can create a schedule task in the Scheduler. Note that the scheduler will look in the address book for the site profile given the remote server address in your schedule task profile. You need to ensure only one profile in your address book has the ad
 Could you please provide some details as to the advantages and disadvantages of running the task scheduler items as an NT service, as well as how to configure the email notifications to use my Exchange Server?
 Running schedule task as NT service has several advantages: it requires no user-logon to run, and multiple tasks can be run simultaneously. To have task completion report email to you just go to Tools | Notification email to set up the smtp server profi
 I make schedule task which shall synchronize (download) a folder from an ftp server. All files (in source folder) which time stamp are newer, What has to be done ?
 You are the first time to run the task. Try running it once using the scheme ‘Transfer new files to destination’ and then change the scheme the 'Transfer files added or updated since last sync’.
 I am trying to connect to ftp.mysite.com It times out. I know the ID and the Password are correct. What could the problem be?
 You should check your network connection and see if you are behind a firewall. If so you need to configure your firewall to allow TurboFTP through.
 Although I connect successfully, I cannot see the remote listing.
 Please forward us (support@turboftp.com) the log in the log window by right click the log window and select Copy All. We need the raw directory listing too. You can right click the remote pane and select 'View Raw Listing'; please send us the raw listing
 How the "File Integrity Checking" works using TurboFTP?
 After uploading or downloading a file program issues an XCRC command to compare crc values of files on both ends; if they match then it assume the transfer is successful. This is controlled by Options | Check transferred file integrity.
 What to do if the server is behind a NAT enabled firewall?
 Please go to Connect >Address Book > Connect Tab there > check the check box: “server behind firewall that uses NAT” .Server that use NAT could return its internal IP in reply to PASV command. By enabling this option the program uses the server's origina
 Can I setup to have the file transfer take place automatically and unattended?
 Yes. TurboFTP is fully automated. You can set up schedule task to be run by TurboFTP GUI program's built-in scheduler or Sync Service Module.
 What is the purpose of saving and loading a queue/session file?
 A queue/session file is simply used to hold a group of files to transfer, and the source and destination. You save the queue to a queue file (.tbx file) using menu [Session | Save queue]. After that you can load the queue file any time to restore the cont
 I have a scheduled upload running minimized. The status balloon pops up after every transfer. Please tell me there is a way to shut it off.
 Uncheck [Options | Display | System tray tip on transfer complete].
 I want to transfer all files of a certain extension as ASCII or Binary. TurboFTP doesn't automatically transfer files in the format I want. Is it possible to change these settings?
 You can add new types to [Options|Text file mask] so that TurboFTP treats them as ASCII files. You can also force ASCII or binary type for all transfer by using menu [Command|Transfer Type].
 How come I cannot use CHMOD?
 The CHMOD capability depends on two conditions. Firstly, the server you are connected to must support this command. Secondly, you must have access right to change the attribute of that remote file or directory. Make sure whether these two conditions are f
 How do I quickly return to Main View Screen? I now have a two-window view.
 You can double click in the queue window to return to normal layout, or in the log window if you see only the log window.
 How can I set my default local directory?
 Right click in the Local Browser Pane and select "Set Default Directory" to set the current local directory as default.
 How can I transfer files from one directory to another at a remote FTP site?
 You can move files by right clicking on them and selecting "move to". You can select more than one file/folder to move. You can't copy between directories though, since no standard FTP command supports this.
 How do I rename a file?
 TurboFTP currently supports two ways to rename files (or folders): 1) Right click on the file, then select Rename 2) Select the file and press F2
 After I have downloaded a Word document I double click it, the Windows Word should be launched, but it goes to the bottom window, why?
 You have set the double click action of Local Browser Pane to Upload. Go to Options|Advanced|Double Click Action, and set the Local drop down box to View.
 The LIST command often times out when I browse some FTP servers, why?
 Swap [Options|Firewall|Use PASV mode] and try again.
 My computer's system clock was set back and after that TurboFTP won't start and it says it detects the clock has been put backward.
 The program has built-in clock-back detection system to ensure that the system clock hasn't been set back in an attempt to bypass the program's license restrictions. If the user sets the clock to a date earlier than the present, it will not let the progra
 Why is that I cannot still log on to the server even I have enter my user ID and password?
 Make your Internet connection is working. If you are behind a firewall, you have to connect to a server outside via firewall. Ask the administrator of your network and fill in the correct firewall information in the Options|Firewall tab. Some router-based
 I continually seem to get random "425 Can't Open Data Connection" errors when transferring files.
 It is very likely the remote server is behind a router or a firewall. Switch TurboFTP to Passive Mode if you have not done so (enable [Options|Firewall|Use PASV mode]) or disable the Passive Mode if you are already using it, and connect again. If you stil
 How do I connect to a secure FTP server?
 If your FTP server supports SSL/TLS, go to [Advanced Site Settings|Security|Secure Connection] specify the secure connection type your server supports, then launch the connection attempt as normal. After secure FTP connection is established, you will see
 What is the difference between Implicit SSL and Explicit SSL?
 In explicit SSL (or in TLS) the FTP client needs to send an explicit command ( i.e. "AUTH SSL" or "AUTH TLS") to FTP server to initiate a secure control connection; while in implicit encryption the client establishes secure control connection upon connect
 How do I configure TurboFTP for use with Wingate / WinProxy?
 If you are using Wingate's FTP proxy, go to [Options|Firewall] and set the firewall type to be [USER with no logon]. In the "Host" field enter the name/address of the Wingate machine. In the "Port" field enter the service port number of Wingate. Also enab
 How do I configure TurboFTP for use with ZoneAlarm?
 With ZoneAlarm you need to allow TurboFTP to connect to Local and Internet Zone (Program Settings|"Allow connect" column). Additionally you need to enable [Options|Firewall|Use PASV mode] in TurboFTP.
 What types of FTP servers does TurboFTP support?
 Currently TurboFTP supports FTP server running on the following platforms: Unix ( e.g. Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, etc), Windows NT (support DOS style listing), VMS. Server type is automatically detected and this frees users from concerning about the type of
 How can I change the interval TurboFTP repeats trying to connect to a server?
 Go to Options|Advanced|Retry delay, set a new value (in seconds).
 The http:// address I enter doesn't work.
 TurboFTP does not currently support HTTP. TurboFTP only supports FTP (ftp://) addresses.
 I clicked on the file I want to download and it goes to the bottom box. Now what to do next?
 Just click the "Start Transfer" button on the toolbar to start transferring files in the queue. To enable immediate transfer on double-click, go to [Options | Advanced | Double click action].
 Can I resume partially downloaded files that I began downloading with other software?
 You can change the local directory to that the partially downloaded file resides in. Then connect to the FTP site and start downloading the file. TurboFTP will detect the existing local file and pop up a Confirm Overwrite dialog box. Choose "Resume" to re
 How can I know the whether the remote server supports broken download resume?
 Just pay attention to the messages in the Log Window when you log into an FTP server. TurboFTP will check whether the server supports broken download resume after a connection is established. If yes, a status message "This site can resume broken downloads
 I uploaded a text file to an FTP server and found that the size of the file on server is smaller than the local one.
 You are connected to a UNIX server. TurboFTP automatically detects you are transferring an ASCII file and by default transfers it in ASCII mode, whereby the UNIX server will convert it to UNIX text format. While a line in text file of DOS format has a Lin
 When uploading, sometimes I see an error "Can't open local file".
 This is due to a share violation. Be sure that you have not opened the file in other applications.
 Can I change the destination directory when a file is already put into the transfer queue for upload?
 Yes. You can right click the file in the Queue Window and choose "Edit Queue Entry". Be sure to enter full path as the new destination path.
 Your program connects to the my web site and I can view the files. However, when I try to upload a file I get a STOR command and the transfer starts, but no text about the bytes send/total, time, and so appears in the status line. Then after some time it
 Check whether [Options | Firewall | Use PASV mode] is enabled. If not, enable it, reconnect and upload again. If it doesn't solve the problem, contact us at support@turboftp.com (Please attach relevant log in the email - right click in the log window and
 I just want to have a directory structure of files where I issue one command and the FTP uploads new or updated files (based on file size or date since last transfer) and also deleted files that are no longer needed.
 The current version of turboftp does well support this. To enable this feature, please go to [Options | Advanced Con't] and select "Only upload newer files". Then connect to your server, drag your directory structure to transfer queue or the correspondent
 The files I have just uploaded are still considered as older than the copies on my local directory by Folder Synchronizer. Why?
 Check whether local time and remote file time are of the same time zone. If not, go to [Advanced Site Settings | Files | Server Time Offset] and enter a proper value. Suppose you see a newly uploaded file in the Remote Browser Pane has a timestamp of 13:3
 I am using the task scheduler to transfer files to multiple FTP sites, once it connects to the first site the software doesn't automatically disconnect from the site and continue to the next site!
 This can happened if you running schedule tasks with TurboFTP GUI program's built-in scheduler, where although it doesn't automatically disconnect the next sync task will still be launched timely, and the FTP site in the next sync task will then be connec
 I force uploaded file name case to be uppercase, then how can I make the directory comparison not case sensitive?
 Enable [Advanced Site Settings | Synchronization | Ignore file name case].
 I am pulling binary files from the remote server and I want to only download new files or files that have different size, and I don't care the file time. How can I do this?
 Enable [Advanced Site Settings | Synchronization | Compare file size rather than file time].
 In scheduling I am selecting an FTP Site with a port of 990. I can manually connect fine, but the scheduler keeps trying to use port 21.
 You might have another profile of the same address but different port (21) stored in your Address Book in a position ahead of the 990 one. In this case TurboFTP uses the one with matching address that it first finds in Address Book. If so what you should
 How can I check the detail of each schedule job?
 You can view the schedule task reports in the Task Scheduler dialog. Use button "Scheduler Log" to view global schedule log showing the startup and termination of all tasks; use button "Task Log" to see full raw log of the individual schedule task current
 I set it up to execute a batch file the end of the task but it is not executed.
 You should wrap up the path to the program to be executed before/after task with double quote marks if it contains whitespaces.
 After enabling E-mail notification I get the following error - "Error sending notification Email. Protocol error reply: '503.5.5.2 SendHello First.'"
 The email server error message means that your server doesn't allow the process to continue with an invalid domain. When requesting the email server to send notification email, TurboFTP or TurboFTP Sync Service will send a HELO command with your computer
 There are commands like FEAT, REST issued after logging into FTP server but they failed. What do they mean?
 The FEAT is to determine features that the FTP server supports. And the REST is to know whether the server supports download/upload resuming. Error responses to these commands can be safely ignored.
 How do I do multiple file transfer using wildcard with TurboFTP?
 If you want to download multiple file using wildcard (e.g. *.*), the manual way is to right click the remote pane and select "Manual download" then enter "/path/*.*" in the dialog, hit OK. And an entry will be added to queue window (the bottom window) you
 Is there a PDF user manual for TurboFTP?
 Yes. Other than the HTML help manual that comes with TurboFTP package we offer a PDF version of the manual. You can download the PDF version at: http://www.turboftp.com/manual/turboftp.pdf
 How can I use TurboFTP and its Sync Service module (tftpsvc.exe) with command line options in my own folder?
 If you are making connection to a secure FTP server (e.g. with SSL support), you can't specify the username/password in the command line, rather it is required to store the site profile including logon account in the Address Book. For example you are try
 I am trying to schedule a download of files, but the synchronization is not occurring. It is ended with status "No action performed".
 Using the same Sync Settings in the task (local/remote dir, sync scheme, filters, etc), do a manual sync using the Folder Synchronizer of TurboFTP GUI program. See if there is any item marked for download/upload in the comparison result presented at the
 TurboFTP cannot send notifcation email via my SMTP server. How can I send you the debug info?
 Open Tools | Email Notification and make sure you enter correct information in the dialog for sending out email. Hit the Test button in the Email Notification dialog and the program will attempt to send a test mail and you will see the log of interactions
 I have a batch upload to my website that I do everyday. I don\'t need to schedule it or sync files.
 You can create a session file (tbx file) using by saving a queue in TurboFTP. Use the "Manual Download" or "Manual upload" command in the context menu of either browser pane to add a queue entry containing wildcard. To repeat the transfer, load the sessio
 When connecting to an SSL/TLS server I get error '534 Fallback to [C]'
 Such error typically looks like: COMMAND:> PROT P 534 Fallback to [C] Some SSL/TLS secure FTP servers don't allow user to do encrypted data transfer (i.e. initiated by LIST, RETR, STOR, etc), and only allow a secure command channel. For this reas
 When using SSL I can make the connection, but the list command says "cannot open data connection". Both the sending and target machines are behind firewalls.
 If your computer is behind a firewall using NAT, it won't be able to interpret the PASV or PORT command relating to data transfer. You might want to try the Clear Command Channel (CCC) option under [Site Settings | Security] tab combined with the active m
 Will the folder syncronization function (not as service but as application) if we purchase TurboFTP without Sync Service?
 Yes it can with its built-in scheduler. But only one task can be executed at one time and user must keep logged on to the computer to run the GUI program.
 How can view log of scheduled tasks that run in the GUI program (not in Sync Service)?
 Unlike Sync Service (where scheduled tasks run in NT service mode), the GUI program won't log to individual task log, rather it writes everything (as long as it shows up in the Log Window) to the global GUI log file, which can be viewed in [Options | Gene
 Does TurboFTP support Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server?
 TurboFTP 32-bit fully supports Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 2008 Server 32-bit. TurboFTP 32-bit (including the main GUI program and Sync Service module) works on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 2008 64-bit, except that the Explorer integration is not support
 I am using the GUI program to run scheduled tasks. But they do not start at scheduled time.
 Please note if you run scheduled tasks in the GUI program (i.e. when 'Run as NT service' checkbox in Task Scheduler not selected), only one task can be executed at any time. To allow scheduled task run in GUI program, make sure it is not connected to
 I run scheduled tasks in the GUI program. But some files are not transferred although I have not set up any filters in Sync Task.
 Please make sure there is no filters in the corresponding server profile in Address Book.
 I set up a schedule task but it never kicks off in the GUI program
 The GUI program can run scheduled tasks on a one task at one time basis, while the Sync Service, enabled by the 'Run as NT service' option in Task Scheduler, doesn't have this limitation and requires any running instance of TurboFTP GUI program, nor user
 How can I use PFX(PKCS#12) format SSL certificate as client certificate with TurboFTP?
 TurboFTP supports client certificate when connecting to an FTPS (FTP over SSL) server. However TurboFTP currently only supports SSL certificate and private key in PEM format. Some users might be only given PFX (PKCS#12) format certificates. For example, w
 TurboFTP client has problem showing remote listings when connecting to an FTPS server.
 The remote listings can't be retrieved (LIST/MLSD command failed) because the data connection can't be established. When this happens, using the PASV mode (enabling Site Settings | Connection | PASV mode or globally in Options | Firewall | Use PASV mo
 How to back up the program configuration files (scheduled tasks, address book, etc) and restore them (e.g. when migrating the program to another machine)?
 Please back up everything under [Options | General | Program data path]. The following explains each of these files: 1. turboftp.ini global settings. 2. schedule.dat stores the schedule tasks information. 3. addrbk.dat stores the address book inform
 I get an error message "Address Book file is not saved since write access is denied" when I close the Address Book dialog.
 You have set [Options | Program data path] to '[System Drive]:\ProgramData\TurboFTP\' which is required if you are running TurboFTP Sync Service. Otherwise you can change the above option or you can run as admin and you won't see this problem.
 I have problem connecting to an SSH host. How can I send you the information for trouble shooting?
 Please enable Options | Advanced Con't | Enable SSH debug log. After re-producing the issue, send us the file ssh_log.log under C:\ProgramData\TurboFTP\ (varies depending on [Options | Program data path] specified by user)
 After enabling UTF-8 in TurboFTP it still can't show file/dir names in foreign characters correctly
 UTF-8 support in TurboFTP complies with RFC 2640. Some FTP servers require a command 'OPTS UTF8' to enable UTF-8 mode explicitly, but there is no RFC standard defining such practice. Some even require the client to send CLNT and OPTS UTF8 ON to enable it
 When connecting to SSH server, I have 'no matching hostkey algo' error.
 In the error message the supported host key algorithms of both TurboFTP client and remote SSH server are shown (see below for example). If the SSH server supports ssh-rsa and ssh-dss algos while TurboFTP doesn't, you can enable them in Site Settings -> SF
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