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 Sync Service scheduler does not work on my computer.
 -Make sure you have installed the Sync Service as NT service. -Make sure you have start Sync Service as NT service though the scheduler dialog. -Make sure you have not disabled the Scheduler. If you are using a network share as the local folder, ple
 Is Sync Service capable of syncing the local files of the laptops whenever a file changes without asking the user and without having to run the TurboFTP GUI program all the time?
 Yes the Sync Service module that comes with TurboFTP GUI program can perform scheduled sync task as NT service, which means you don't have to launch the Gui program to manually perform the sync job.
 How to stop the TurboFTP Sync Service via command line?
 You can do so with net stop tbftpsyncservice
 I get an error that the Sync Service cannot be installed during the installation of TurboFTP.
 You need to have administrator privilege to install the Sync Service module as NT service. If you are installing a new version over an existing one, please stop the TurboFTP Sync Service before installation if it is running (you don't have to uninstall f
 I am running Sync Service as NT service and have a synchronization task scheduled, but it never fires and I don't see any log messages or error reports.. what am I missing?
 First make sure [Options | General | Store program settings in turboftp.ini] is checked. See the NT event log to verify whether the NT service is started. And then check in event log whether the individual schedule task is subsequently started, if no try
 While uninstalling, it fails to uninstall the existing sync service.
 Have you opened the service applet? Is the NT Event Log windows opened? If so close them all. Is the Sync Service running a schedule task now? If so stop the service before uninstall.
 What is "synchronization scheme"?
 Synchronization Scheme in TurboFTP defines how comparison of local and remote is carried out in order to determine which files in source folder need to be uploaded. See Task Settings|Synchronizatino|Synchronization Scheme.
 What happens if upload fails in AAU(Advanced Auto Upload)?
 It is about Advanced Auto Upload feature which is offered by Sync Service Module. Consider the situation: a file in monitored folder is being updated, the Sync Service detects the change and tries to upload the file, but the file continues to be locked b
 How TurboFTP calculates number of errors occurred which it reports in the notification email?
 Adjust [Options | Transfer | Errors allowed] as necessary, if number of transfer errors doesn't exceed this number then the whole session will not seen as a failure and the no notification email will be sent if it is configured to "Send email only on erro
 I am set up TurboFTP to automatically upload files put in a local folder to a server on the local LAN, yet after all the set up is done and the task is running the event will never trigger and upload the files put into the local folder.
 Please check the task log of the AutoUpload task. If you find log entries similar to the following after login in each session: [2005/11/10 16:28:14] COMMAND-0:> CWD \ [2005/11/10 16:28:14] 550 Failed to change directory. [2005/11/10 16:28:14] ERRO
 When the Sync Service runs no data is transferred as it should ("No action performed").
 When at the end of sync task you see "No action performed", it means the program found nothing to transfer based on your sync settings. Verify your Sync Scheme (Task Settings | Synchronization). For example, if you are using scheme "Add only new files to
 I have set up the credentials for accessing network share in my task settings but I can't log into the FTP server.
 You need to distinguish the difference between logon credentials for accessing a network share and the logon account of remote ftp server. The credential for network share is normally the user/password you use to log onto the local machine running TurboFT
 I added a .cmd in the ( Run Program | After task ) field of task settings (copy/move stuff - works well when started) the log says it runs, but nothing happens.
 If the path to your command line program has whitespace in between use double quotation marks to wrap up the path name.
 When I use the BOTH option in Sync Direction the files are getting replicated back and forth
 - Make sure Site Settings | Files | Server Timezone Difference is correctly set if your PC and remote server are in different timezones. Time zone offset (= localtime - remotetime) for converting remote file time to local time. - Set detailed view in
 About setting the task run interval
 For a repeated task, if the next run time arrives while the current session of a task is still in progress, the current session will be terminated and give way to the next run. If you connection is low, it makes little sense to increase the repeat freque
 Is there a way to see the detail of a running Sync Service task process (Sync Task, Auto Upload Task, etc) ?
 Since Sync Service is designed to be used in the background, it doesn't offer a GUI to show files being processed. However, use the Logviewer you can see what is going on almost real time. While an AAU task is running open its log in the Logviewer (by cli
 How to transfer a folder in a session task?
 To download a remote folder in a session task place an entry in the tbx file associated with the session task like the following example: C:\downloaddir 0
 How do I rename a file after it is downloaded or uploaded?
 TurboFTP supports Auto Rename after a file is transferred. The file will be renamed according to the rename rules defined in [Options | Auto Rename] and you need to enable [Site Settings | Files | Rename after transfer is complete] to enable this feature.
 Where can I read about the sync schemes in detail?
 Please see manual topic User Interface -> FTP address book -> Advanced FTP Site Settings: Synchronization Tab.
 Can TurboFTP strip the file extension (e.g. PGP) on the fly while I am scheduling a download FTP task?
 Yes. To achieve this following the steps below (assuming you want to strip the PGP extension from source file): 1. Set up an Auto Rename entry for download under [Options | Auto Rename], and enable 'Case-insensitive' option if you are ignoring case whe
 When configuring an FTP/SFTP schedule task, how can I specify a vbs script to run in Task Setings | Advanced | Run Programs?
 You can specify the vbs script to run in the following way: wscript "path_to_your_vbs" "parameters_if_needed"
 When running an SFTP sync task, I get error 'SFTP: can't open file for writing (The system cannot find the path specified.)'
 Make sure the local folder for sync is valid. In addition, if you are using a network share as local folder, make sure you use a UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) path instead of one with network-mapped drive letter. For example, Use a UNC path name l
 How can I only delete transferred files while preserving the source sub directories with a Sync Task?
 Under Task Settings | Synchronization | After Download (After Upload), choose Delete files. By contrast, if you choose 'Delete', not only all those source files transferred will be deleted, also the source sub-directories, which were *created* at the dest
 I am looking for software that will backup regularly, however I do not wish the software to overwrite the previous backup. I suppose this means the file name needs to be changed to something unique, maybe with the date as part of the file name.
 You can create a Sync Task and use the sync option 'Transfer all files' and select option 'Append time stamp to filename'. All source files will be uploaded/downloaded with time stamp appended to filename ensuring unique name at the destination.
 How to configure Sync Service to access share on a NAS device which is not in a AD domain?
 Create credentials for local login through Tools -> Credentials for Sync Service. Enter '.' for the domain and put in your Windows account and password. Then in the Task Settings -> Advanced tab select the credentials in Logon Account section. Secondly, c
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