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 What is Anyzip and how should it be used?
 Anyzip is a Windows-based application which can be used to create and view archive files and extract files from them. It has a user-friendly interface and the functions in the system can be operated either using the Anyzip keyboard shortcuts (http://www.a
 Can I create an archive in such a way that it can be shared across more than one disk?
 Yes! Anyzip supports the creation of archive files in order to ensure that the resultant files can be stored on more than one disk, if the overall size of the archive is larger than the capacity of the disk. In order to use this facility, create an archiv
  Can I use Anyzip to extract archive files created using other applications?
 Yes! As long as the archive file created using another utility has a standard compression format like those described here, the files in it can be extracted using Anyzip. Similarly, as the files created using Anyzip follow universally accepted formats the
 Does Anyzip work under MS-DOS?
 You cannot use the Anyzip command under MS-DOS the same way as the ZIP and UNZIP commands could be used in the past. However, you can type ANYZIP.EXE in the COMMAND window. Doing so will launch Anyzip in Windows.
 How can I make Anyzip my default application for ZIP files?
 Anyzip can be configured as the default application for ZIP and other types of archive files. This can be done through the Tools Menu of the application or on the first launch of the application. For details on this, please refer to Anyzip Archive Associa
 Can Anyzip open compression formats other than ZIP? Can I use Anyzip to open .CAB files?
 Yes! Anyzip supports a variety of archive file formats. What is more, you can set Anyzip as the default application for all these formats, through the Archive Association Options (http://www.anyzip.com/zip-manual/archassocoptions.html) in Anyzip. This men
 What is CRC and why is it important?
 CRC refers to Cyclic Redundancy Checksum. When you create an archive, Anyzip derives the CRC for each file within the archive based on the contents of the files. When you attempt to extract a file from this archive. Anyzip again derives the CRC for the ex
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