23 May 2024 
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 I enable AutoDial by setting IsUseAutoDial to true. But the SDK does't hang up automatically when disconnected from server.
 By design TurboFTP SDK doesn't automatically disconnect dialup connection at the end of a session. To do so you have to call Hangup() explicitly.
 ItbFTP::GetFileSize() doesn't return actual file size.
 To retrieve file size you need to use property LastFileSize immediately after calling ItbFTP::GetFileSize() which returns successfully (return 0).
 How do I know the offset when resuming file upload with SendFile()?
 When resuming upload the offset is the file size of existing remote file. You can retrieve remote file size with GetFileSize() method.
 How can I see if my trial license expires
 The trial period is 30 days from the day the SDK is installed on your machine. If your trial license expires all methods won't be usable and will return error code ERR_LICENSEEXPIRE.
 How do I set up to use TurboFTP SDK in Delphi.
 No extract setup steps in Delphi IDE are necessary to use TurboFTP SDK in Delphi program. Please refer to the Delphi sample code that comes with its installation to see how to code in Delphi to use the SDK.
 What is the difference between properties ConnectionTimeout and LoginRetryDelay?
 LoginRetryDelay pertains to the delay between two login attempts if the login fails, whereas ConnectionTimeout instructs TurboFTP SDK to wait n seconds before launching a new connection attempt if socket connection fails.
 How do I apply TurboFTP SDK license key when I deploy it on other machines?
 You can use SetLicense method to apply the license key in your code. If you don't want to call this method every time your code is executed, copy Tbsdklic.exe from the TurboFTP SDK installation folder on your development system to the system you are goin
 fatal error C1083: Cannot open type library file: 'tbsdk.dll'
 When compiling the sample project TBSDKVCDEMO of TurboFTP SDK you will get the following eror: fatal error C1083: Cannot open type library file: 'tbsdk.dll': No such file or directory in code line: #import "tbsdk.dll" no_namespace in CtbFTP.h, or
 How can I deploy an application using TurboFTP SDK on a machine other than the developer one?
 If you want to deploy your application using TurboFTP SDK on a new machine, you need to do one of the following to validate the license on that machine: 1. Copy Tbsdklic.exe from the installation folder of TurboFTP SDK and run it on the new machine, en
 When I register TurboFTP SDK (tbsdk.dll) with regsvr32.exe I get error 0x80070005 in Windows 7
 This error will be displayed when running regsvr32 with insufficient privileges. Start a command prompt window with Administrator privileges, CD to TurboFTP SDK's installation folder, and run: regsvr32 tbsdk.dll
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