Which programming languages and scripts does TurboEditor support?
Predefined languages that are built into TurboEditor include:
HTML, Ada, Batch, C#, C++, COBOL, Fortran, IDL, INI, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL, PASCAL, Visual BASIC, XML, SQL, JAVA,

Does TurboEditor support Unicode?
Yes. Unicode, UTF-8, and ANSI formats are supported.

Can I define my own shortcut keys?
Yes you can define your own shortcut keys for all the menu commands and edit commands.

Does TurboEditor support virtual space.
Yes and you can disable or enable virtual space as you like.

What's incremental searching?
TurboEditor automatically highlights in the document window the first match of the string you typed so far in the search box.

I often work with a group of files. Can I open them all at once?
Yes. You can define a 'project' using TurboEditor and add those files in the project. When you open the project file, all files in the project definition will be opened.

Can I search and replace strings in files?
Yes. With TurboEditor's Find in File feature you can search for an arbitrary string in a folder, and if you want, decide on which results you want to carry out the string replace.


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