Color Syntax Highlighting: Language-specific keywords, comments, and strings are colored differently to set them apart from plain text. Bold, italics, and underline are supported per keyword set.

Fully Customizable Keyboard Mappings: Keystrokes can be added and removed to emulate popular keyboard mappings like Brief and Epsilon.

Keystroke Macros: Users can record a series of keystrokes and assign a keystroke to play back the keystrokes repeatedly. Up to 10 macros may be recorded.

Multiple Split Views: Users can create up to four separate views of the same edit buffer. Each view can be scrolled independently.

Unlimited Undo/Redo: All edit actions are fully undoable and redoable. If desired, a limit can be set on the number of undoable actions.

File searching: Perform regular expression searching and replacing using Perl-like regular expressions.

Auto Indentation: Automatically indents lines to following the scoping rules of the active language.

Support different file coding formats: Save and load files in a single step. Unicode, UTF-8, and ANSI formats are supported.

Drag and Drop Text Manipulation: Highlighted text can be dragged and dropped between any window supporting OLE text Drag and Drop. Text may be copied or moved.

Clipboard Support: Text can be cut, copied and pasted onto the clipboard using the right-click menu or a keystroke.

RTF Clipboard support: Text copied or dragged from the edit buffer can be pasted into other applications with all formatting information intact.

Support for Custom Languages: The installation comes with several popular language definitions; however custom languages may also be defined. Regular expressions and scoping rules can be used to accurately define a language. Languages may be defined by application code or XML data.

Column Selection and Manipulation: Select text as a column rather than a paragraph. Empty columns (columns with a width of zero characters) can be selected, causing subsequent typing and deletion to occur over multiple lines at the same time.

Custom Color Settings: All foreground and background colors used in a control are configurable by the end-user or developer.

Built-In Window Properties Dialog: Most properties, including keyboard assignments, colors, current language, and tab settings are available to the user in a tabbed dialog available from the built-in right-click menu or a keystroke (Alt+Enter).

Microsoft IntelliMouse Support: Scrolling, word selection, and line selection is easily accomplished with the Microsoft IntelliMouse.

Line Numbering: Lines can be numbered using any radix and the first line may start with any positive number.

Keyword Case Normalization: Keywords can be converted to the proper case once a line is entered.

Built-in Printing Support: The contents of the edit buffer may be printed in color or black and white.

Line Highlighting: Individual lines may be painted with a different background color.

Horizontal Line Dividers: Each line may have a line underneath it to separate functions or other groupings of text.

Virtual Space: The text caret can optionally be confined to the bounds of the text or allowed to move beyond the end of a line.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks embedded in code are highlighted differently and can be navigated by the user.

Line Sorting: Lines can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order via built in commands.

File Drag and Drop Support: Files dragged from the Windows shell can be dropped on a document window.

Save and Load User Settings: User settings can be saved to the system registry or an IStream interface in one step. User settings stored in the system registry can be locked by system administrators by use of registry policy keys.

Automatic Brace Match Highlighting: Matching braces and scope keywords are highlighted as users type.

Incremental Search: Users can search for text while the document window automatically selects the best match after each character is typed.

Comment/Uncommenting Support: Blocks of code can be commented and uncommented via a menu command or shortcut.

Automatic Font Resizing: Users can change the font size simply by holding the control key down and spinning the mousewheel (Ctrl +MouseWheel).

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