Download and Upload

A) Just click the "Start Transfer" button on the toolbar to start transferring files in the queue. To enable immediate transfer on double-click, go to [Options | Advanced | Double click action].

A) You can change the local directory to that the partially downloaded file resides in. Then connect to the FTP site and start downloading the file. TurboFTP will detect the existing local file and pop up a Confirm Overwrite dialog box. Choose "Resume" to resume the last download.

A) Just pay attention to the messages in the Log Window when you log into an FTP server. TurboFTP will check whether the server supports broken download resume after a connection is established. If yes, a status message "This site can resume broken downloads." will be displayed. Otherwise, it will say, "This site cannot resume broken download."

A) You are connected to a UNIX server. TurboFTP automatically detects you are transferring an ASCII file and by default transfers it in ASCII mode, whereby the UNIX server will convert it to UNIX text format. While a line in text file of DOS format has a Line Feed and Carriage Return pair (LF/CR), the UNIX format only has a line feed. That is why the size becomes smaller after the text file is uploaded.

A) This is due to a share violation. Be sure that you have not opened the file in other applications.

A) Yes. You can right click the file in the Queue Window and choose "Edit Queue Entry". Be sure to enter full path as the new destination path.

A) Check whether [Options | Firewall | Use PASV mode] is enabled. If not, enable it, reconnect and upload again. If it doesn't solve the problem, contact us (Please attach relevant log in the email - right click in the log window and choose [Copy All] then paste it in your email).