A) The TurboFTP Sync Service module is a module that allows you to run schedule tasks as a generic NT service, which means once you have configured and started the schedule tasks, no user logon is necessary to keep the jobs running. The Sync Service supports simultaneous multiple schedule tasks and offers better performance. Note that it can only be run as NT service on windows platforms that support it (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server). The Sync Service module can also be run as a normal console program and accomplish an one-time FTP synchronization job or a group file transfer job by feeding appropriate command line parameters. If you don't need these features and advantages you can order TurboFTP without the Sync Service module. TurboFTP GUI program alone can also do scheduled FTP transfer and synchronization but can only do one job at a time and cannot run it as NT service without the Sync Service module.

A)We currently do not accept the PO in its original sense. There are however multiple payment options available, each one requiring you to send us payment before we can issue the key code.

A) If you use registration service of RegSoft.com or ShareIt.com, the confirmation along with the registration code shall be sent to your e-mail address (the one you provide in the order form) right after the order is processed and authorized. For an order via PayPal please allow 24 hours for delivery of your key code.
It is very important that you should make sure you enter your contact e-mail correctly in the online order form and make sure you check the mailbox of that e-mail address afterwards. (Some customers used their company e-mail address to order but forgot to check the right mailbox and expected to receive confirmation sent to their personal e-mail address.)

A) First please make sure you are using the latest version of TurboFTP. Registration keys for different versions of TurboFTP can be different (Check out the latest version at our download page). Unneeded characters in the name or key copied from the notification e-mail, e.g. trailing newline characters, can also cause this problem. To avoid this, try entering the key pair manually. If the problem persists, contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now.

A) The customer should place his order online and select the wire transfer payment option, he will then get instructions on how much to pay and where to send the payment.

A) Within 30 days as of purchase of our product you can request full refund of it if you find that you are not satisfied with the product. Our 30-day refund guarantee doesn't apply to purchase with an amount exceeding USD 250. You will need to sign a Letter of Intellectual Property Destruction and uninstall all copies of the software to be eligible for refund.