FTP/SFTP Auto Upload

If you want any new or updated files in a specific local folder to be uploaded immediately to a remote FTP/SSH server, TurboFTP Sync Service's Advanced Auto Upload feature is what you are looking for. An Advanced Auto Upload Task run by the Sync Service module monitors a specified local folder continuously and uploads any new or updated files detected in the folder or its sub-folders. If a new folder is created locally, it creates the same folder on the remote server as well.

A. Create an Advanced Auto Upload Task

Add a new Advanced Auto Upload Task by pressing the button 'Add' in Task Scheduler. After that the Schedule Task Settings will show up for you to set up the auto upload task.

B. Configure and manage a Advanced Auto Upload Task

  • First, configure the options in the General tab. This tab contains the following fields: Description, Site, Remote Folder and Local Folder. You need to specify the remote folder or local folder for the task.

  • Second, set the options of Advanced Auto Upload tab. An Auto Upload Task automatically uploads new or updated files in a local folder being watched. You can change the auto upload scheme and the options of upon uploaded, and specify filters for the task. The page has the following options:

Auto Upload Scheme: In this field, you can select upload new files, updated files or both when the folder is being monitored.

Filters: You can specify files or folders to be included or excluded with filters.

Upon Uploaded: After a file is uploaded, the action specified will be taken. You can choose "Do nothing", "Move uploaded file to a local folder" or "Delete" it.

  • Finally, you can set some advanced options for an Auto Upload Task on the Advanced tab. This tab contains the following options: Logon Account, Send Email Notification.

Logon Account: Refer to manual topic "Managing logon credentials for accessing network shares in NT service mode" for more information.

Send Email Notification to: You can send notification email to individuals other than those specified in [Tools | Email Notification]. You must enable Tools | Email Notification in order for this to work.

C. Run an Advanced Auto Upload Task

After you create an Auto Upload Task, the task will be added to TurboFTP Task Scheduler automatically. And the task is now running.