Advanced Con't Options

This tab contains advanced options that can be toggled on and off.

Monitor Clipboard for URL
TurboFTP can monitor clipboard for URL to an FTP site.

Active by default. This feature activates TurboFTP’s URL detection feature. Whenever an FTP URL is copied onto the Windows Clipboard; TurboFTP will automatically connect to the site or begin downloading the target file. This feature assumes an anonymous login if the site cannot be found in the Site Address Book. To learn more about FTP URL monitoring, click here.

Save transfer queue on exit
On program exit if the transfer queue is not empty, save it to a session file (default.tbx), which may be loaded the next time the program is run.

Resume last incomplete section on startup
Enable this to have TurboFTP automatically resume last incomplete queued transfer on startup. TurboFTP will remember the remaining files in the transfer queue when it is terminated. When started up again it will try to transfer those files automatically.

Start transfer after session loaded
Transfer queued entries immediately after a session file is loaded into the queue.

Cache remote directory
Enabling caching of remote directory so that listings of cached directory can be viewed again without retrieving them again from the server.

Recursively remove remote directory
If enabled, when you try to delete a remote directory TurboFTP will remove all files and sub-directories in it, if any. Otherwise, it will assume you are deleting an empty directory and will do nothing further if it has something in it.

Enable Auto Reconnect
Reconnect to the server if connection is unexpectedly lost or closed by the server.

Retain skipped items in queue
Enabling this option keeps the skipped items in queue; otherwise they will be removed.

Only download newer files
Skip the download, if there exists a file of the same name in local directory which is not older than the remote source file.

Only upload newer files
Skip the upload, if there exists a file of the same name in the remote directory which is not older than the local source file.

Preserve server file time on downloaded files
Set the timestamp of a downloaded file to be the same as that of the remote source file. ( Note that feature "preserve local file time on uploaded files" is not available because it is not supported by the FTP standard, RFC959.)

Use APPE to resume uploads
Use APPE (append) command to resume uploads instead of using the REST command. Like the REST command, APPE command may not be supported or allowed by some FTP servers.

Auto change directory
When entering a sub directory at one side (local or remote), automatically enter a sub directory of the same name (if found) at the other side. When this option is enabled, you can temporarily disable it by holding down the SHIFT key when entering a subdirectory.

Disable remote auto refresh after upload
By default the remote directory will be updated after upload is finished. This option disable this feature if you prefer to manually update the remote listings.