Command Menu

The command menu includes the commands to launch FTP actions.

Start Transfer

When the Transfer Queue is not empty, this menu item will be enabled. Use this command to start transferring the items in the queue. All file transfer has to be launched with this command.

Transfer Type

Three options for transfer type are provided. They are ASC II, Binary, and Auto.

Unless you know very clear what different FTP transfer modes mean, we recommend that you always use the Auto option and let TurboFTP handle the transfer mode when transferring files.

Custom Command

With this command, you can enter in a popup dialog whatever command you want to execute on the connected FTP server. The command is then passed the server and the result can be seen in the Log Window. To use this option you have to be familiar with FTP commands.

Change Login Password

This will pop out a dialog which allows you to change your login password of the currently connected FTP server. Not all FTP servers support this feature.

Flush Directory Cache

Flush all directory cache.

Flush Certificate Cache

TurboFTP caches accepted (always) certificates of secure FTP servers. This command flush all the cache of accepted certificates. You will be asked whether or not to accept the certificate when you connect to any of these servers again.

Hang up Now

Hang up the active RAS connection now.

Auto Shutdown

When you enable it, TurboFTP will automatically shutdown the computer upon transfer completion. If you are using Windows NT/2000/XP, this requires that you have the privilege to shutdown the system.

Auto Hangup

When you enable it, TurboFTP will automatically disconnect from the FTP site and hang up all modem connection upon transfer completion.