Connect Menu

The Connect menu allows you to carry out action about connection starting and terminating.

Quick Connect

This command opens a Quick Connect dialog, which allows you to establishing an FTP connection by providing a minimum set of information.


When TurboFTP is offline, this command allows you to reestablish connection to the last FTP server you connected to.

When TurboFTP is online, this command allows you to drop the current connection and reestablish connection to the same FTP server

Address Book

This command will bring up the FTP Site Address Book.

Connection Wizard

Launch the FTP Connection Wizard to make an FTP connection.

New Window

Use this command to open another TurboFTP window. This allows you to connect to another FTP site at the same time.


This command allows you to abort the continuing login attempts or a lengthy FTP action such as directory listing and file transferring.


This command allows you to disconnect from the server at any time. When it is selected during file transferring, TurboFTP will ask you to confirm this action since the transfer will be terminated as well.

Save current site

This command allows you to save the profile of the currently connected FTP site to Address Book. You need to enter a profile name for this site. This command is not available when the current connection is initialized with Address Book, i.e. when this site already exists in Address Book.


Use this option to close TurboFTP.