Context Menu in Remote Browser Pane

The following menu items are visible when you right click on the write space in the Remote Browser Pane.

Up a directory

Use this command to go to the parent directory.

Change directory

Use this command to go to a directory. You will be asked to provide the directory path.

Manual Download

Use this command to download a file by manually providing the full path. TurboFTP will try to download the file to the current local directory.

List View

Displays items in a list.

Details View

Displays all information of each item.

Select All

Selects all the items.

Group Select

Use this to select files that match a given filename pattern (wildcard). You can choose to apply wildcard to folder names and whether previous selection is cleared first or remains.

Arrange Icons

This popup menu provides different sorting methods to arrange items in the Remote Browser Pane. Items can be sorted by name, by size, by type or by date.


Refresh the contents of the Remote Browser Pane. TurboFTP will retrieve the directory list from the FTP server and display it again.

Make new directory

Use this command to make a new folder in the current directory on the remote server.


Use this command to find an item containing given string. It can also be invoked by CTRL-F.

Find Next

Continue to search in the Remote Browser Pane another item targeted by the last Find action. You may use F3 to do the same too.

The following menu items are visible when you right click on one or more items in the Remote Browser Pane.

Add to Queue

Use this command to add selected items to the transfer queue for downloading. You can also drag it/them to the Queue Window.

View/Open Selected

Use this command to open the selected file.

If a file is selected, TurboFTP tries to download this file. After the file is successfully downloaded, TurboFTP will open it with the associated program on your system.

Delete file/directory

Use this command to remove a file or directory in the remote file system. Recursive delete is supported. A popup dialog will let you confirm this action.


This command pops up a dialog and lets you enter a new name for the selected file or folder and then renames it.

Move to

Use this command to move the selected remote file or a folder to another remote directory. Enter the full path of the directory you want to move it to.

Change Attribute

This command is for advanced user. When selected, a dialog will pop up and let you set the attribute of the selected file or folder, namely rights of read, write and execute for different users. You can select multiple items and give them the same attribute. Note that some FTP servers do not support this function.

Set default directory

Set the initial remote directory to the current directory, so that the next time you connect to this site that directory will be displayed right after logon. This command will actually update the Initial Remote Folder text field in the FTP Site Address Book, but without your opening it.

Set Filter

Define wildcards to filter the directory listing in the File Filtering Dialog.