FTP Client Dial-Up Networking (DUN) Options

If you are using Dial-Up Networking to gain Internet access, TurboFTP can automatically dial for you whenever needed.

Enable Auto Dial

TurboFTP should automatically dial a specified phone book entry if there is no active dial-up connection available at the time it is making an FTP connection. This will also enable other options for Auto Dial.

Use Dial-Up Networking Connection

Select the dial-up connection to use. You can configure the connection by clicking the Properties button on the right side.

User name and Password

Dial-up entry credentials including user name and password will be automatically retrieved from the phone book entry profile stored on the system. Here however you can change the user name and password for the currently selected connection.

Number of redial attempts

Specify the maximum dialing attempts TurboFTP should make before it gives up.

Interval between attempts

Time interval in seconds that TurboFTP waits before its next dial-up attempt.

TurboFTP supports Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and allows user to enter additional information for authentication when required by the Remote Access Server.