Display Options

Following options are available in the Display tab:

Full row select in queue pane

You can choose to highlight an entry in the queue pane in full or not.

Always minimize to system tray

Select this to always minimize TurboFTP to the system tray (the lower right corner of Windows Task Bar) when you click the minimize button of the window.

Show tool tip in browser panes

If enabled, a small tool tip will be shown when the mouse cursor is placed on an item in a browser pane for a short period of time. The tool tip shows the full file name, the file type and the file size. This is useful when the browser pane is in a List View style and you don't have to switch to Detail View style to see the file size, or in a Detail View the column width is not enough to show the full name of a file.

Show transfer details

By enabling this option you can see all commands sent to FTP server and the server's response when transferring files (TYPE I, PORT, etc). Disabling this option will hide this information and it is useful when you have just deleted a number of remote files and don't want the results to be pushed away by the transfer details of the following listing refresh.

Sort Address Book records in alphabetical order

By enabling this option the sites in the Address Book will be displayed in an alphabetical order. For a reverse alphabetical order you need to enable the indented option [Sort in reverse alphabetical order] as well.

Log Buffer Size

By specifying the Log Buffer Size you can limit the lines of text that the Log Window can hold. The Log Window shows the latest message on the bottom and pushes the old ones upwards. When the buffer size is reached the old top lines in the window will be truncated. The default value is 200.