FTP Download and Upload Files

Once you have connected to an FTP server it is very easy to transfer files with TurboFTP. You have a number of ways to do that.

By Mouse Click or Shortcut Key

Select the items you want to download or upload and then click the toolbar button DLBUT.gif or ULBUT.gif (can be also accessed through the right-click menu), the selected items will then be added to the transfer queue and transfer will start immediately. Shortcut key is Ctrl+Ins for both download and upload.

Drag to Target Location

Drag files from one of the browser panes to another will begin the upload/download immediately (confirmation needed).

Add to Queue

Drag files from either the Local Browser Pane (to upload) or the Remote Browser Pane (to download) to the queue. Then press the Start Transfer Queue button STARTXFERBUTTON.gif (or use menu [Command | Start transfer] to transfer the queued files. More than one FTP server can be referenced as TurboFTP will automatically connect and log into a new host if necessary and accomplish the job for you.

You can double click a file (or folder) in a browser pane to added it to the transfer queue. (Set [Options | Advanced | Double click action | Remote (or Local)] )

Drag from Windows Shell (e.g. the Windows Explorer) to Upload

Connect to an FTP host, drag files/folders from Windows Explorer or the Desktop). The dropped files will be added to the Transfer Queue. Now press the Start Transfer button STARTXFERBUTTON.gif to start uploading them.

Manual Download/Upload

Manual Download or upload is useful when you know the full path of the files and don't want to nevigate to that folder. Manual download/upload function can be accessed via the right click menu of the local/remote browser pane. You can specify a single file or a group of files using wildcard mask.