Editors Options

In the Editors tab of Options dialog you can specify which editor program to use when editing files of a certain type. A default editor can also be specified. These settings apply to both local file editing and remote editing. To edit a file, select the file, click the right mouse button, choose Edit.

To add an editor with its associated file type(s):

  1. Fill in the Extension(s) text field the relevant file type(s). A valid file type is characterized by a leading dot followed by an extension. You can separate multiple file types with comma, if you want to associate more than one file types with an editor program. For example: .htm, .html.

  2. Fill in the Editor text field the full path of the associated editor program. You can click the browse button on the right to locate the application.

  3. Verify the information you have entered and press the Add button. A new entry will be added to the list below.

To modify or remove

To modify an entry in the list, double click the entry then make changes in the text field above. Click the Add button when done. To remove an entry, select that entry and click the Remove button. Be sure to click the OK button to exit the Options dialog to validate the changes.

To specify the default file editor

The default file editor is defined in the text field at the bottom of the tab. Simply click the browse button on the right to locate the application. This text field is read-only.