Events Options

In the Events tab of the Options dialog you can specify action to take upon transfer complete. You can also have yourself alerted by setting a sound if you like.

On Transfer Complete

Have TurboFTP perform various actions upon transfer complete.

Flash window on transfer complete

Upon transfer complete the TurboFTP window icon on the Windows task bar will flash if the TurboFTP window is not the active window at that moment. This is useful since you don't have to keep an eye on the transfer status once begun and will be notified when done. You can disable this feature by clearing this checkbox.


Here you can specify the sound files (in WAV file format) to play to indicate various events. This feature requires that your computer has a sound card installed and is capable of playing sound media file. TurboFTP won't play a sound until you specify one in the correspondent text field. Click on the [...] button on the right side to browse directories for a WAV file. You can test the sound by clicking on the play button (with a solid triangle).