FTP Connection Wizard

If you are not familiar with FTP, the FTP Connection Wizard helps you to connect to an FTP server with necessary information.

Step 1: What do you name it?

Here you are asked to provide a name that helps you remember the site you are connecting to. This site profile will be saved to the FTP Address Book with an entry title of the given name. You can also enter memo or description of this site in the Description field.

Step 2: Site Address

You are asked to provide the address of the FTP server. This address is the unique identification of the FTP server. This should be a valid URL of an FTP server. An example of a valid FTP URL is It can also be an IP address, which looks like [] (between the brackets). If this is a secure FTP server, choose the correct Secure Connection Type.

Step 3: Login Info

Every FTP server requires you have a user account to log into it. An account is usually represented with a UserID and the associated password. Many FTP servers can be accessed with the "anonymous" account, and the password is usually the visitor's email address. Select the Anonymous check box if you don't have any other account. If the server supports S/Key Password Encryption, you may select the S/Key type to use in the dropdown list box.

Step 4: Initial Local Directory

Here you can specify the local directory to appear in the Local Browser Pane. You can download/upload files by drag and drop operation between the Local browser Pane and the Remote Browser Pane. Click the button on the right hand side to find local path.

Step 5: Add to Address Book

Select folder in Site Address Book to save the new site profile.

Step 6: Congratulations

Finish. Press the connect button to go to the FTP site now!