FTP Site Information

The basic information of an FTP site is displayed on the right side of the Address Book dialog. You can modify them directly. Click on the Advanced button to bring out Advanced FTP Site Information such as port number of the remote site.

Site Name

Enter a name that helps you to remember the site here. The site name should be unique in the same folder.


If site name is not enough for you to remember the site or you want you remind yourself what a site has to offer, you can enter more detailed information in the description box.

Site Address

The address of the FTP site. Valid FTP Site addresses can be textual ( or IP addresses. The FTP Site Address is required to connect to an FTP Site.


The port number of the FTP connection, default value is 21.

Initial Remote Folder

Specify here the folder you want to enter right after logging into this FTP site. In this way you can save time to find out data interesting to you after login.

Anonymous Login

Select this if you can access the FTP site without a User ID or Password (you will use your email address instead).

User ID

Enter your user ID required to log into this FTP server. If Anonymous Login is chosen, this field will not be available.


Enter your password required to log into this FTP server. If Anonymous Login is chosen, you should enter an email address here.