FTP URL Clipboard Monitoring

TurboFTP can monitors the Windows clipboard for FTP URLs. A valid FTP URL begins with ftp://. When TurboFTP detects a valid FTP URL in the clipboard it automatically attempts to connect to the site and download the requested file.

Use Clipboard Monitoring

Most web browsers support copying download shortcuts to the clipboard, by right mouse clicking on the link, then selecting "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" (depending on the browser you are using).

TurboFTP supports the standard URL format for FTP:

ftp://[user ID:password@]<host name>[:port]/[path name/][get file name]

where the information within brackets "[]" is optional.

For example:

Detected legitimate URL will show up in the Address Box.

Redirected URL

In addition, TurboFTP supports simple format of redirected URL. An example is:


From which the FTP URL

will be extracted.