File Filtering

File Filtering applies user-defined filters to both local and remote directory listings. It can be accessed via the Filter toolbar button or [Set Filter] in the context menu of either the local or the remote browser pane.

The Filter toolbar button is TURBOFTP00000016.gif

The File Filtering Dialog allows you to specify INCLUDE-filters and/or EXCLUDE-filters applied to directory listing. File names that match include-filters will be displayed in directory listing while file names that match exclude-filters will be excluded from view. The Include tab and the Exclude tab of the dialog hold these two types of filters respectively.

To add a filter, enter a wildcard in the edit field above the Add button and then press the Add button to add the wildcard the list.

To remove a filter, select an item in the list, and then press the Remove button.

To clear all the filters, press the Clear All button.

For detailed information on wildcard masks, click here.