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This option allows you to go over or search the help file for topics or information that is contained within the help file.

Tip of the Day

This option allows you to view Tip of the Day. The Tip of the Day includes many useful hints and tricks to use TurboFTP effectively. If you are a new user to TurboFTP, we recommend you read the Tip of the Day frequently, so as to get the most out of TurboFTP in a relatively short period.

Purchase TurboFTP

This option will starts your Internet browser and allows you to purchases TurboFTP online through secure transaction. With this option to purchase TurboFTP it is safe and timesaving.

Register TurboFTP

This option is used after you get your registration key. After you receive your registration key you enter your name, e-mail address, and your key here.

Address Book Backup

Save a backup of the current FTP Address Book file.

About TurboFTP

Use this command to display the version number of TurboFTP. If you are using a registered version of TurboFTP, your name will appear in this dialog box.