Options Dialog

The Options dialog allows you to setup options of TurboFTP. The Options Dialog is divided into several pages; each of the options will affect the way TurboFTP operates:

General Options

This tab contains the general options to setup TurboFTP.

Display Options

This tab allows you to set your display preferences including tooltips, minimizing to the system tray, Address Book records sorting, etc.

Advanced Options

These options contain the miscellaneous advanced options of TurboFTP.

Transfer Options

This tab allows you to configure how TurboFTP performs transfer. These options include Reconnection Timeout, Single File Retry, Errors Allowed, Speed Limit, Upload Filenames Case, etc.

Editors Options

This tab allows you to specify the association of your favorite editor programs and the specific file types.

Events Options

This tab allows you to specify what TurboFTP should do upon transfer complete. It also allows you set sounds using ".wav" files for certain events within TurboFTP.

Firewall Options

This options page contains the settings needed for establishing connection to FTP servers via a firewall or proxy. It also allows you to choose whether to use PASV mode and to specify the range of local ports to use and the local IP address to bind local ports to.

Dial-Up Networking (DUN) Options

Allows you to enable/disable Auto-Dial feature and specify the maximum redial attempt and redial interval.