Quick Connect

This feature is useful for one-time connections. To make a quick connect, from the Menu Bar, click Connect/Quick Connect, or just click on the Quick Connect button on the Toolbar.

Then in the Quick Connect dialog:

  1. Enter the FTP site address in the URL field.

Quick Connect accepts URL in format like ftp://UserName:password@FTPsite, i.e. you can put in your login user name and password in the URL, which begins with "ftp://". In this case, you can ignore User Name and Password fields in the Quick Connect dialog.

  1. Enter the User Name and Password
    If you are intended to login as anonymous user, keep the default-checked state of the Anonymous check box, otherwise uncheck it and enter the specific User Name and Password. If necessary, enter the Initial Remote Folder.

  2. Click the Connect button to connect.

These are usually the only information needed to connect to the majority of FTP sites. If you need to specify more information about the server, click Advanced to specify the following options.