Reenter Account During Login Attempt

If the userID or password is rejected by the remote server when TurboFTP is trying to login, a dialog will pop open and ask you to enter correct account information. Click OK when finished to resubmit the new account information.

User Name

Enter another userID. If the original userID is not accepted, this field will be empty and you have to enter a new userID and the password for it.


Enter the correct password for the userID in User Name field.

Remember Password

The option allows you to update the password of the corresponding FTP site profile in the Address Book, so that next time you connect to the same site TurboFTP will use the new password.

This option will not be available when the connection is not made using an FTP site profile stored in Address Book, for instance, using a URL detected from the clipboard instead. In this case, you can preserve the site information (including the login password) in Address Book by using Save current site command.