FTP Schedule Folder Synchronization

The function of Folder Synchronizer is integrated into the Task Scheduler so that folder synchronization can be performed unattended on regular basis using user-defines rules.

Create a Schedule Synchronization Task

If it is first time you use TurboFTP, you can create a schedule sync task using the Sync Task Wizard, which can be invoked through menu [Tools | Schedule Sync Task Wizard] or by pressing the Add button in Task Scheduler. Then follow the instructions to create a new schedule sync task.


Independent Synchronization Options

Note that each schedule sync task has its own synchronization settings, which are independent of those in [Advanced Site Settings | Synchronization] for the FTP server in question. Both set of options work the same way.

When and How Often to Run the Task

For information on configuring when and how often to run the task, see topic Schedule Task Settings.