FTP Schedule Task Settings

What the task does will be displayed on top of the general page of settings. For synchronization task you can change the remote folder or local folder for synchronization. For each schedule task you can specify the launch time, end time and task repetition option.

Note that TurboFTP will take action specified in the On Transfer Complete section ([Options | Events]) upon transfer completion (either forced or not) of each task.

Launch Time and Force Finish Time

When you create a new schedule task, the launch time will be preset to current time plus 30 minutes and the forced end time preset to current time plus 60 minutes.

By enabling Force Finish Time you can specify the date and time at which the task should be terminated no matter whether it is completed by then or not.

Pressing the button TURBOFTP00000000.gif on the right side of the launch time field or end time field will set correspondent date and time to current system time, which can be convenient when adjusting the date/time value.

Repeat Task

To repeat a task, select the checkbox Repeat Task. You can then specify how often the task is run in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. If you choose to run a task every some weeks, you can also select multiple days for each week to run the task. If you choose to run a task every some months, you can specify which day in every month by either entering a day number or choose from a range of day of week.

Note that if you enter a number between 29 and 31 as the day of each month to run the task, the task runs only in the months that have the day.


Fig. Session Task Settings

Sync Task Specific Options

For sync task there is an additional page for you to specify synchronization options, which are specific for each individual sync task, although they are identical to those found in the Advanced Site Settings, which are for Folder Synchronizer only.



Fig. Sync Task Options