The toolbar allows you to make TurboFTP perform different actions by just pressing a colored button. Description for each of the buttons is as follows.

ADDRBOOK1.gif Site Address Book

This button will bring up the FTP Site Address Book.

TURBOFTP00000002.gif Quick Connect

This command opens a Quick Connect dialog, which allows you to establishing an FTP connection by providing a minimum set of information.

TURBOFTP00000003.gif Reconnect

When TurboFTP is offline, this command allows you to reestablish connection to the last FTP server you visited.

DISC1.gif Disconnect

This button allows you to disconnect from the server. When it is selected during data transfer, you will be asked to abort the current transfer first.

TURBOFTP00000005.gif Scheduler

Launch the Task Scheduler.

TURBOFTP00000006.gif Transfer Mode

Change the current transfer mode.

TURBOFTP00000007.gif Upload

Upload selected local files.

TURBOFTP00000008.gif Download

Download selected remote files.

SHUTDOWN.gif Auto Shutdown

This command tells TurboFTP to automatically showdown your PC after it has finished transferring all the files in the queue.

TURBOFTP00000010.gif Auto Hang Up

This command tells TurboFTP to automatically hang up the modem when it has finished transferring all files in the queue.

TURBOFTP00000011.gif Hang Up Now

Hang up the modem and disconnect now.

TURBOFTP00000012.gif Options

Brings out the Options dialog.

TURBOFTP00000013.gif Start Transfer

Start transferring the items in the queue. This button will be enabled when the Transfer Queue is not empty.

TURBOFTP00000014.gif Stop At Next

Stop transferring queue right after the current file transfer is complete.

TURBOFTP00000015.gif Abort

This button allows you to abort the continuing login attempts or an FTP action involving data transfer such as directory listing and file transferring.

TURBOFTP00000016.gif Filter

This will show the File Filtering dialog for setting filters of directory listing.

DEL1.gif Delete

Delete selected files in the Local Browser Pane or the Remote Browser Pane, depending on which pane has the focus.

TURBOFTP00000018.gif Folder Synchronizer

Synchronize and clone files and directory structure between the current local directory and the remote directory.

LIST.gif List

Display items in the currently focused browser pane in a list.

TURBOFTP00000020.gif Details

Display all the information about each item in the currently focused browser pane.

TURBOFTP00000021.gif Large Icon

Display items by using large icons.

TURBOFTP00000022.gif Small Icon

Display items by using small icons.

TURBOFTP00000023.gif Directory Compare

Highlight different items in the current local and remote directories based on various criteria.

TURBOFTP00000024.gif Refresh

Refresh the contents of the currently focused browser pane. If the Remote Browser Pane is active, this will retrieve the file listing of the current directory from the server again.

HELP.gif Help

This will display help topics for TurboFTP, equivalent to pressing F1.