Transfer Modes in FTP

There are two different transfer mode in FTP, ASCII and binary mode. By default, TurboFTP uses the Auto mode, whereby any file that matches one of the types (file extensions) specified in [Options | Advanced | Text file mask] will be transferred in ASCII mode, otherwise it will be transferred in binary mode.


ASCII transfer mode is an FTP mode used to translate ASCII text files from one format to another. For example, UNIX file system terminates lines in a file with a line feed, while Windows and DOS files terminate lines with a carriage return <CR> and a linefeed <LF>. Selecting this mode will convert files from one format to the other automatically. Remember do not use this mode when transferring binary files, since this will end up with corrupted files.

Binary Mode

Binary transfer mode is an FTP mode used to transfer files without modification or conversion. Files are transferred without conversion resulting in the same file on the source computer as the destination computer.