View Menu

The View menu allows you to perform visual operations for TurboFTP. The following are the commands supported in the View Menu:

List View

This command displays items in a list.

Details View

Displays all the information about each item in a browser pane.

Arrange Icons

This popup menu provides different sorting methods to arrange items in a browser pane.

Items can be sorted by name, by size, by type or by date.


This command forces a refresh of the currently focused browser pane.

Invert Selection

This command will reverse which items are selected and which are not.

Minimize to system tray

Use this command to minimize TurboFTP window to the system tray (the lower right corner of Windows Task Bar). You can have TurboFTP always minimize to system tray whenever you click the minimize button by selecting the "Always minimize to system tray" check box in [Options | Advanced Con't].


This will popup the Options dialog.